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Towards preventive elderly care

Our focus is to improve the quality of life of the elderly.​

Towards preventive elderly care

It is common for the elderly to suffer from malnutrition, fall injuries, pressure ulcers and involuntary loneliness. They negatively affect well-being and the quality of life and cause society high costs.

Preventive work improves both the elderly’s quality of life and reduces societal costs so that the money can be used for more preventive efforts, more employees, increased skills development and increased care for conditions that cannot be prevented.

We design and develop solutions that make it easier for care and social care to make decisions, implement and monitor the impact of preventive measures on both the quality of life of the elderly and on societal costs.

why choose us?

The number of elderly people is increasing, but not the resources ​ ​

Elderly care is facing major challenges. We have an aging population where the number of elderly people is increasing. ​ Tax revenues decrease when more people retire and at the same time expenses increase when more people need care for the elderly. ​

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We will design and develop methods and solutions:

Hestia Agora was formed in 2021 based on a need to spread and scale up working methods, methods and services that reduce malnutrition in the elderly from the tests and pilots that have been carried out within the Zero Vision for malnutrition in the elderly.

We are part of Nollvisionen’s reference group for business and we participate in networks and webinars.

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