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Our Commitment

“We as a company care deeply—about the people, the elderly, our clients, our staff, the environment, and our communities.

We recognize that we have an opportunity to shift the focus from reactive healthcare to proactive care for all, and we will continue to make corporate social responsibility an essential component of our identity and what we do.”

Our Values

Hestia Agora is one of only a handful of companies that work with zero vision for malnutrition among the elderly. We are the pioneers of digitalizing proactive elderly care in Sweden. 

We believe our first responsibility is to the elderly, their families and friends, their caretakers, public and private actors in elderly care, business managers and employees, digitization leaders within municipalities and social services, and all others who work with us and use our products and services. We must make sure that every product must be of high quality. We must always make sure that we deliver the best solutions, reduce our expenses, and maintain reasonable prices. Customers’ demands must be addressed promptly and accurately. Hestia Agora’s business partners must have an opportunity to make a fair profit.

We are responsible to all our employees. We must provide an inclusive work environment for all. Every team member must be respected and taken as an individual. There must be equal opportunity for employment, a career development plan, and growth opportunities. Our employees must feel secure, fulfilled, and have purpose-driven responsibilities. In addition to appreciating their strengths, we must respect their diversity and dignity. We must offer fair compensation and support the health and well-being of our employees. We must assist them in carrying out their family and other personal obligations.

We are responsible to our local communities and to the global community as well. We must help people, particularly the elderly, be healthier and stronger by offering better digital solutions, improved quality of life, and care services in more places around the world.

Our final responsibility is to our shareholders. Our business must make a sound profit, and we must focus on R&D to bring new solutions to the market, invest in innovative future possibilities, and launch new products. We must have some savings for difficult times. We believe that by following these principles, the shareholders should get a fair return.

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